Looking to Build 3.2tft Monitor/Terminal

Hey guys,

Sorry bout the subject ,I know this topic is well documented but I would like to Almost build a monitor hehehe.

In my job... I give demo's of the utils and command environment for different hardware and every time I want to show it, I need to plug the hardware, take the laptop out which is tiresome connect the hardware to usb via ftdi and power up putty... All this to simply show a very simple terminal which contains a few basic commands.

I would like to use my mega 2560, a keyboard and a 3.2tft colour screen without the touch shield, connect the PWR,TX,RX,GND to the mega and show a simple terminal to issue the command to show the result.

Is this possible. The goal here it to make a portable super tiny Terminal to connect to the hardware pins

Yes it is possible.


I imagine there are already projects like this. You might be able to find a directions on how to do this out on the net. The problem you'll likely have, is the previous projects will probably use different components than you plan to use.

I've done this sort of thing myself with a different microcontroller. The coding isn't really very hard but it's kind of tedious if you want to include cursor movement options.