Looking to build my first project

Hi, I am new to the forum so i apologise if i have placed this thread in the wrong section....

I am looking to build a MIDI controller for Logic Studio.

My spec is an 8 channel 'mixer' with a motorised touch sensitive fader, rotary encoder/potentiometer & 5 buttons on each channel, along with transport buttons (total of 7), a pair of bank select buttons (for shifting along when there is more than 8 tracks) and potentially a master channel fader with rotary encoder (maybe a couple of buttons but i can't think what use they would be).

I have a few questions on the above if anybody could kindly help....

Could this be done with an Arduino board? if so would it be a case of wiring all of the components up as per the Arduino spec/instructions and then using the software to program?

I also would like the buttons i use to illuminate when active. For example one of the buttons would be a solo button, so when active i would like this to illuminate. Would this be a case of taking a MIDI signal out of Logic and using it to illuminate when it receives a signal to state that it is active? or would it be done purely with electronics, on sets the light to on as well as sending a MIDI signal, and off would do the opposite.

Also for the touch sensitive faders i would like an LED or two to illuminate when being touched, and potentially another to increase in brightness as the fader level is increased. I have seen this done before but i believe it was done electronically rather than activated via midi signal. For example the LED activates due to circuitry regardless of a MIDI signal being sent back or not.

I understand this is quite a large project to be taking on as a first project, but if i am building to have a MIDI controller suited to me, then i might as well be very specific in what i want.