Looking to build my own relay board based on a D1 Mini

I'd like to build my own relay board rather than using a relay module, mainly due to size constraints and also because I like to try and build things from scratch whenever possible, just so I can keep learning. 1 bhk flat in thane

My plan is to have my D1 mini switch some JRC-21F flats in ghatkopar relays which will in turn be switching a 24vdc load. I know I can't just hook the relays up directly, so I'd like to make sure I've got everything straight before I hook anything up, so I make sure I keep all the smoke inside the wires. flats in mahim

I know I'll need a kickback diode on the relays, will a 1N4007 be enough? I've also got a handful of 1N5408's left from another project, but I feel like that will be overkill, since they're rated for 3 amps and they'll just be hooked to the mini. commercial property in pune

Actually, a 1N914 is adequately rated for this task, surprising as it may seem. But a 1N400x is fine.