Looking to buy someone’s project book

Hi all, I got the Arduino.cc kit in late 2014 but only messed around with it briefly here and there but was very attached to the book, bringing it with me everywhere in case I’d have time to play around with the projects between classes. I’m finally in a place in my life where I have the time to devote to learning arduino but I have searched high and low and cannot find my book.

I have all the parts of the kit except for the book, like all the cardboard cutouts for the cute custom Arduino.cc projects and would like to use them to their fullest. I know people will tell me that there are much better project books out there, but I just logically or illogically would like to finish this book’s projects before moving on.

I’ve looked on eBay and emailed the company and have gotten no results. If you have the book lying around because you didn’t like it or know someone who doesn’t want it, anything, I’ll really buy it from you and the condition of the book isn’t even important, as long as you can still read what’s in it. So, any offers, I’m listening.


There is a new 3rd edition Getting Started in the online store for $20:

I got the older 2nd edition for $8 at Radio Shack. You may find one there or radioshack.com