Looking to control a sort of heat lamp from an Arduino.

Essentially, I am looking to control a light from an Arduino. This light is to produce warmth on the user's skin, rather than be used for illumination. (Trying to simulate a sunny day) I was thinking I would use a transistor, a dc power supply, and a some type of UV light.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a dc UV bulb/lamp?

A UV light that feels warm on the user's skin... I think some reading is needed, perhaps it would help to select what type. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet

Sorry, I don't really know what you are getting at.

I know they make terrarium basking lamps in infrared, visible light, and uv, as the needs of specific reptiles can vary. I am just asking if anyone knows some bulbs/lamps similar to this that are designed for DC, not AC and can be felt when shining on your skin.

So key words reptile, UVA and UVB...


well I am scheptical, but it sounds interesting...


So the common method is a UVB Hg vapour lamp, and they can not be dimmed with a reostate, SCR's or the like since that will mess up the ratios of UVA/UVB/IR.

Well there are UV LED's:


But they are expensive, perhaps mixing the correct ratio of IR/UVA/UVB LED's would do what you want.