Looking to control Arduino with my Iphone

Hello. I am fairly new to the Arduino world. I have messed around with multiple boards and have done most of the experiment projects. I have even written some code, nothing crazy at all.

I am looking to develop an app for my IPhone that I could control a servo and relay connected to an Arduino ESP32.

I have absolutely no experience with creating apps. Where could I start to educate and hopefully be able to make this happen? I am looking for any type of books or websites for beginners. I did some research but was able to find much. Any help would be great!

Have you been to this page already? Control your Internet of Things projects from anywhere with the new Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app | Arduino Blog

Take a look at Blynk.

What is more important to you? Do you want to learn how to write iOS apps, or do you want to control your Arduino?

Writing iOS apps will require different programming skills than what you use on an Arduino. I would be surprised if you cannot find tutorials and YouTube windows on how to get started with that. Once you learned the basics of the programming environment Xcode, iOS SDK, Swift you will be able to figure out how to access your Arduino as well.

On the other hand, if you just want to control your ESP from a phone you could create a web server with a web page that can be controlled from any phone or PC. There are examples in the WiFi libraries to get you started. You will need a little bit of knowledge in HTML, CSS and maybe JavaScript that will get embedded into your Arduino C/C++.

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