Looking to design a part feeder

I'm looking to create this project with an arduino of course, but this is probably less of an arduino question and more of a general project design question.

I am looking to design a system that feeds flat printed appliance parts, about 5"x24" and about the thickness of 5 pieces of printer paper, from the top of a stack of no more than 100, fed 1 by 1. Now the problem is that these parts tend to be statically charged so there is a tendency they would stick together when fed, which has to be avoided.

My initial though would be a motorized wheel feeding the part directly off the top, but does anybody have suggestions on how to ensure only one part is fed at a time? Maybe adding a precisely cut slit so only the thickness of one part is permitted through? Are there any Arduino sensors or other peripherals I don't know of that could be of use? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Feed with a rubber wheel on top of the stack and have a rubber buffer under the exit so that if any more than one board is fed, it encounters friction and stops while the driven board passes. The feed wheel should have enough pressure to keep feeding past the buffer.


charge the pile with an electromagnet