Looking to get info on 3.6" TFT LCD for Mega 2560

Hi All - I have recently bought a 3.6" TFT LCD for Arduino Mega 2560 and I was wondering if it work for Arduino UNO R3?

Any help would be appreciated!

That depends on the interface type, viz SPI, 8 or 16bit parallel. Provide a link to the product page so this can be checked.

No, the Mega board version LCD will not work on an Uno.

Mcufriend makes an Uno specific version of the 3.6 inch LCD that you'll find for sale on AliExpress. But it's a fools errand - since there are no free pins left on the Uno and most LCD libraries need 90-95% of the Uno's available flash memory. Stick with the Mega or better yet, a Due for graphic LCD's. Unless of course you're using a Nokia 5110 LCD :grin:

Hello, Seeking information for TFTLCD SPI ?


But I do not know SPI 8 or 16 bit? What is the library?

Thank you in advance. Georges

That is 16 bit parallel. The library is UTFT.