Looking to get started with the Nicla


I've received my NICLA Sense ME boards and want to get started with it, preferably with the Arduino IDE 1.8. I was amazed by the rich sensor availabiltiy on this board. And just to be sure that I'll be able to get quick experience for my prototyping business, I ordered two.

Installation for the board with the board library works perfectly. And I can also succesfully upload the Nicla_System/Blink_Nicla example. Now I'm looking for accessing the sensors... but there seems to be no working example available for this, yet?

Any help is much appreciated.

bas@botberg.nl - prototyping

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checked the cheat-sheet?

Hi J-M-L,

Thanks for your quick response.
I'll get looking in this right now.

Much appreciated.

bas@botberg.nl - prototyping

Hi J-M-L Jackson,

Thanks to your suggestion, I was able to get the sensors running already.
Fantastic... and easy when you know what you need to look for :wink:


Great - have fun !

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