Looking to hire a programmer - well paid

Hi there,

I would like some assistance in the programming of a line follower robot using an Arduino uno as my micro controller. The robots other components consist of:

  • 2 x 6 wire unipolar stepper motors (no information about the stepper motors)
  • A Pololu QTR-8RC Infrared sensor array
  • 2 x A4988 Stepper motor drivers
  • 9 V batteries

This is my first time posting something like this so I'm not sure what the going rate usually is, so if someone could give me an idea that would be great.

I am situated in London, United Kingdom.

Many thanks

Are you looking to hire a deaf programmer? If not, why are you shouting?

If you are familiar with the English language then you would know that an exclamation mark is the only thing that would indicate that I am shouting. Capital letters do not. In this case I am using them to grab attention, like I have yours :)

Unfortunately the majority of people on the forum will take the use of capital letters in your subject line to indicate shouting.

I'm not interested in the job, but for the benefit of others you may wish to indicate which country you are in?

Sorry if I offended people with the use of capital letters, will change it now as it seems as though that is the only thing grabbing their attention rather than the project I need help with which was not my intention. Thanks for the advice will add it now.

Part of what is putting people off is your unrealistic selection of hardware. There is just no way you are going to drive a high voltage, high current stepper motor with a smoke detector battery.

If you have some other kind of battery in mind, describe it better. Though 9V may not be sufficient. Stepper motor drivers usually recommend 12 to 24V.

Another thing is that there are hundreds of line following robot projects on the web. Aside from the personal satisfaction of getting my robot to follow a line because I wrote all of the code, I can't see being interested in doing it remotely for someone else. It might be different if you were willing to send me the robot for testing.

Thank you for fixing the title.

If you read my advert and looked at my profile you can tell that I am new to this. This would be the first thing that I have ever done using an arduino and therefore I am pretty clueless which is why my hardware selection maybe be wrong but I thought this was a place where I could get help and advice instead of just being scolded for my selection. Was looking for someone who would build code for me and include a lot of comments as to why they've done it so so that I can get an understanding of how to write code and learn from this. I literally have no interest in letting you do anything for me, paid or even free for that matter, as you do not seem as a very level headed, helpful person.

There was nothing in the title to be fixed, it was correct as it was, just changed it so you stop crying.

Don’t be discouraged. It is actually possible to get help for this stuff online. I understand that you’re a beginner, can you tell us if you’ve made any progress at all or do you need to start completely from square one? i.e., have you ever programmed anything on your Arduino?

One of the difficulties someone would have with writing the code for you is that unless they happen to have the same hardware you do it will be difficult to test without a lot of back and forth. Simple things are easy to get working without testing; complex interactions less so.

When I’m asked to take on a paying project to build software, I will often have to buy the same hardware and build it into the price. For a hobby project, this seems unlikely to be realistic.

Hi thanks for your response, well in terms of the robot I feel as though I have to start from square one. I have completed many of the projects from the project booklet that came with my arduino but I do not understand how I will use the information I have learnt in there in the software design of my line follower. I understand that the troubleshooting stage could be quite difficult but at least I will have a piece of code at that point and as long as there is extensive commenting in the software I could try and troubleshoot it myself which I believe would be a great learning technique.