Looking to Hire a programmer


I am not experienced in programming at all but am looking to hire somebody that is for the creation of a simple 1 axis automated chop saw fence stop. Similar to https://youtu.be/ivb4J90glgE but I prefer not having to run this stop from a PC like Mach 3 is ran by.

I cut aluminum extrusions and need something that can travel 24' on the left side of a traditional chop saw. I only make 90 degree cuts so all those features this youtuber has for mitre cuts are not needed.

I am capable to make all the mechanical components but would need something for perhaps an android tablet that allows me to calibrate the actual movement of the machine to zero it.

I can make payment via Paypal upfront for a portion of the work and the balance upon completion. I do not care about keeping this a secret and would be happy to make this development open source to the community as I wish this was already. This is a commercial product that I would like to be similar to SawGear Stop / Measuring System

I don't want to make a set price on this because I am not aware of what it would take to make such a thing come to life. I would be more than happy to pay around 1k or so but please feel free to tell me what it would actually take.

-Evan deuce217@gmail.com

The SawGear demo looked quite impressive. I could not see how the stop was automatically moved but I guess it has its own battery and a stepper motor.
The next improvement, instead of using a normal tape measure to measure the cut lengths, would be to use an electronic measure which collects a number of measurements. The workman would then feed the measurements wirelessly into the stop setting device.
I suggest you get a good description of the mechanical parts of the system together, then the software requirements become clearer. Only start talking about prices and timescales etc. when the software to be delivered is well defined.


The SawGear travelling stop appears to be driven by a belt. Here is an installation guide, although the it is not very clear from the guide how that part works: https://www.acmetools.com/wcsstore/ExtendedSitesCatalogAssetStore/assets/products/D40436A4-B2EB-4546-AAFD-268C081137BE.pdf

IMO that's quite straight forward (old machinist talking): 1 linear rail, a chinese ballscrew, Nema23 motor (closed loop with integrated driver), any arduino, numeric keyboard, LDC display, 24V powersupply, 2 endswitches, some metalwork or woodwork and you are good to go. You'll have to det the hardware youself, you get a picklist wiring + program. Feel free to drop me a PM.

Thank you. That is helpful info. I'll be in touch when I can get some time to figure things out.

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