Looking to hire arduino expert to deliver a simple product

Hello all, this is my first attempt into the Arduino world and I need help. My company builds niche products that larger companies don't want to provide. I'm building a prototype that needs a specialized alarm/timer function, I would like to do it myself but need to deliver the prototype sooner than later. So I'm looking to contract this project out to someone, to deliver hardware and software solution. Name your price, time to deliver, what qualifications you have to deliver what you say you can, and payment terms.

Here are the parameters of the project:

  • Touch Screen for displaying Text and Numeric Input
  • Power supplied to hardware will be from battery, so power saving is important.
  • Audio output (3.5mm jack or equivalent)
  1. On power on screen to show company logo
  2. Series of questions asked to set alarms/timers up
    a. Verify time and date, if not correct ask user to enter correct time and date e.g. 12:07 PM 10/20/15
    b. Ask user to set a 'Call Start Time' e.g. 07:30 PM
    c. Ask user to set a 'Call Stop Time' e.g. 05:30 AM
    d. Ask users to set which days to call e.g. Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sun
    e. Ask user how many time to call during call period e.g. 10 times
    f. Ask user to choose mp3 file to play. choose from SD card 1 or multiple files to play.
    g. Ask user to set or re-enter
    h. Display settings:
    'Set to play (name of mp3 file) every (x)minutes between the hours of 07:30 PM and 05:30 AM on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sun. Please turn off screen and close box'

This needs to be as simple and easy to use as possible, the power input will be provided and speaker will be provided to play mp3 file.

If you can deliver please send me a message and what questions you have. I can prepay for all hardware you need and ship it to you.

This is a fairly big job. How will the audio files be stored? They won’t fit on-board. Might be possible to interface to an iPod-type device and get it to do the actual playing. But you know, if you are doing that then maybe what you really want is an iPod app.