Looking to hire arduino&servo email tutor/consultant

I've learned quite a bit from this forum over the past months, and am consistently impressed by how willing people are to share their knowledge freely. After finally getting all my ducks in a row, i'm ready to turn full attention to a personal project that heavily involves precise servo control. As I have a million unknowns and questions even after getting a draft version built, i'm more or less decided that it makes sense to offer to pay someone to answer them, as they could become familiar with what i'm doing as we go along making it easier to give recommendations.

The project involves being able to control multiple servos using pre-programmed motion, including various types of easing in and out, starting with small servos and hopefully eventually scaling up to some serious motors. There's no sensory input required as it's more like playing back pre-programmed "animations". I'd hope that you would be able to recommend/point me in the right direction towards what additional hardware i'd need to accomplish various things as I go along, and answer questions about what I may be doing right/wrong with how i'm coding for it.

If you're at all interested, please email me at mail@kolinpope.com if you'd like any more information or clarification, and let me know your price/pricing setup.


sent you an email at the weekend…