Looking To Hire For Custom Programming, Hardware Design, Possibly Assist in Mfg

Have a project that I have been throwing around for a few months and have started trying to source the production of a prototype out. I found one gentlemen who helped point me in the direction, started programming a custom Chip/ROM? and then disappeared, so I am kind of back to square one.

Designing a device that would receive information from 3 inputs:

Sound - via microphone
Movement - via piezo
RF/BT - via keyfob or via cell phone by way of Bluetooth

Each input would serve one purpose. Moving one servo X # of degrees. Device would need to be able to run in standby mode for a month, or at least, be able to be plugged in. That’s it.

Issue isn’t building this device, it’s building it at the right price point to make manufacturing it feasible and inexpensive.

I’d be glad to elaborate further. Looking to hire someone immediately if specifics can be hammered out and I can get on the same page as you. There is a chance to make some back end money on this, as well as being paid for designing and helping to build/source this device.

Please PM or email me if you’re interested.

clyde Richard Snodgrass
@ gmail . com

Thanks guys/gals

could well be interested
where you based?