Looking to hire programmer for Arduino code

SparkFun RedBoard

SparkFun WiFi Shield - ESP8266 (with stacking headers soldered on)

Sainsmart 16-Channel 12V Relay Module

I have a collection of railroad signals in my back yard that I want to control with my phone on a web browser via WiFi.

Current status:
Two of the signals have a single lamp and a coil that changes the color by reversing polarity. This is achieved for each signal by using 4 of the relays in two pairs. The third signal is just 3 separate lamps. The project occupies 13 of the 16 relays. The relay interface is to be connected to pins 2-7, 10-12, A0-A3, and GND. Relays activate when pins go low.

I've spent 3 days trying to figure this thing out to no avail. I can do a simple sketch to run it on a timer, but wireless control is out of my league. If you can tackle this one, please PM me here or at nmangum@gmail.com

Interesting project. PM sent

How do you expect to do the phone part? Or the www part?

-jim lee