Looking to hire someone for a stepper motor project

I'm an artist looking to hire someone for a small project to help me produce some sculptures using electronics.

The sculptures will be made from flatbed scanners that will need to be emptied of everything but the moving lightbulb and the stepper motor, and replaced with a controller that uses the stepper to move the lightbulb back and forth across the scanner glass. I need to produce several of these with different speeds for each one. Its also crucial that the final product requires as little setup time as possible, hopefully just plugging in the scanner would make it go.

I've produced one of these 2 years ago on my own but it was really janky, so this time I need an expert who can help me finesse the project. I have some old code from that project so you can use it for reference.

I'm based in Santa Barbara, CA - 90 min away from LA, so it would be best if I can find someone in LA.

As far as pay goes, tell me what's appropriate and we can figure it out.


1: how many scanners will be involved?

2: who will do the stripping down and hardware prep? (or is that part of the brief)

3: timescale?

I'll do it if you pay my bus fare :slight_smile:

I'll do it if you pay my bus fare :slight_smile:

You could probably get a reality TV show to pay your bus fare if you agree to wear a camera.

A waterproof one, of course...

Alas, I'm too far away to join in, but you may get more/better responses with a better description.

It sounds like you want each scanner to power up and immediately start oscillating at its own particular rate until powered off. I.e., it's not supposed to respond to any external switches or other inputs?

Also, are there limit switches already built into the scanners you're using?