Looking to hire someone to design a circuit for a custom FM transmitter

I have a need for a circuit designed for what I have been told is a fairly simple circuit. Simple is not the case when I am not an electrical engineer and know very little about it. I am working on a project which a small piece of is a circuit involving FM transmission. If anyone is interested in helping me out I would love to pay for someone to design a circuit for my specific criteria. Please pm me if you are interest, I will give you more details.

Thanks Rob

Why not buy an off-the-shelf approved design (assuming you have a transmission licence)? That has got to be cheaper than a custom design, and then having to go through the approvals process.

I have not found a product that fits my needs. After I am done I will have to apply for approval anyways. If all goes well i will be producing a lot of them. Not having to pay for a prebuilt or someone else’s setup is my goal to cut cost. I would rather pay an upfront higher cost for a design then a kit. But i am open to options if you have a few to suggest. PM me if you are interested in what I am specifically looking for. I will send you my specifications so you can take a look. Maybe you have seen something I can modify to fit my needs.


I have found someone who is willing to help me out. Thanks