looking to pay someone to help, digital speedometer and tach project

Hey guys,

I'm overworked (day job), have a kid on the way and I can't seem to get a handle on a personal project i'm trying to finish up.

I'm building a digital instrument panel for a classic car. I will have 4 analog gauges for various functions, but I need to be able to get speed and tach information to my processing script via serial csv's.

I played around with gps, but think i want something that is self contained. I tried two different obd-ii boards; but since my engine is pre can-bus, i wasn't completely happy with the speed.

I then looked into mpguino: http://mpguino.wiseman.ee/eng which would be awesome (being able to better calculate fuel consumption). The problem with that is it will only update 2 time a second. this was from the developer:

update rate is 2 times/second - same rate applies to serial print and LCD print. Instant MPG reading is actually 500ms average MPG. You can probably change it in code but I think atmega is not fast enough for 10Hz Serial communication is also quite slow by nature.

So you probably cannot use it for realtime tach readout when accellerating. When driving normally (not racing), then it is usable.

So this leads me to this point. Would anyone be able to do some side work and help me with the circuitry and code for reading the vss wire for speed and the injector pulse for rpm? (or better yet, if you can simply improve the speed of the mpguino.. that would be ideal)

I will be able to handle the soldering. it's just the code and possibly components. For instance, if we choose the lm2907/lm2917 frequency to voltage converter, i'd like some direction on which resistor values to use.

I'm open to advice as to what is the best way to go about this project, i'm not set on any one solution.

If interested, please pm me or reply to this thread and we can explore the scope of this project as well as compensation.

thanks in advance,



Sure I can handle this for you, what is the format of the serial stream to the processing application.

You can sent out a continuous stream and use the timers and some pin ints to do your counting of pulses on etc.

The serial stream would just pick up the current values and squirt them down the line for you.. If you keep the format brief then you can get a lot of data down the serial port at high speed.

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Then if you want to chat about your project more then drop me an email to Peter@EmbeddedAT.com or here on the forum

Cheers Pete.

I've done just this. Reading RPM from coil, and outputting as CSV. I can supply you with schamtics, and even a ready made board to hook up to your Arduino, with code.