Looking to see if anybody has managed to interface this nokia lcd to the arduino

I have recently done some digging on the lcd within the nokia 1616-2 (RH-125) which is a relatively inexpensive mobile phone with a colour display. Here is what I have come up with Size 1,8" Resolution 128x160 Serial WD-F1216XZ-6FLWd 4850266 Controller S6B33D1 HX5081 NT39121 color TFT 65k serial i2c 12 pins

Has anyone managed to interface this yet, or do you think it may be compatible with an already created driver? If not, I will probably need some help sniffing the serial data to work out the protocol.

Thanks in advance, Ryan

i did not, but you say 'serial i2c'. what is it, serial, or i2c, because the difference is huge.

if it uses one of these protocols, then it can't be that hard (and somebody surely has tried it before :) )

take a look at this site: http://heardsolution.blogspot.be/2012/03/nokia-128016161800-new-lcd-solution.html# maybe you'll find something

i did not, but you say ‘serial i2c’. what is it, serial, or i2c, because the difference is huge.

I2C is a form of serial communication, but of course not the only one. You are correct that knowing exactly what type of protocol(s) a device uses is vital to successfully interefacing it with a microcontroller.

It is I2C that it uses for communication.

I've got the phone in pieces atm, but will be running some sniffing on the pins using some nice arduino sketches I seen outlined on a CCC talk.. (can't find the link will post when I find it again)

I'll keep the thread updated as I find more info. Thanks for the help so far guys :)

somebody figured something out in Russia:



maybe it helps

I have this display also. It came from my Kyocera phone which my idiot grandson decided to put into the laundry. Winston