Looking to swap some ATmegas

I’ve got several ATmega644s laying around, and don’t need them. What I do need is DIP ATmega328s.

Please bear in mind that this is the ATmega644, and not the ATMega644P, which is slightly different.

Basically, this chip is the same as the '644P, but has only one hardware serial port.

Here is the digikey page for my part:


I have three (3) to trade, and I would like to trade 1 of these for 2 ATmega328s. (The prices are pretty dramatically different. Unit price for the ATmega644 is 7.98000, while unit price for ATmega328 is somewhere below half of that.)

Please PM me, or email me at tchnclfl at gmail dot com, or reply to this thread!


PS: Traders should please be in the USA for ease of shipping.

PPS: They are all loaded with the Sanguino bootloader.

I have 1 extra 328, since you want 2 fer 1 what else ya got?

Unit price for the ATmega644 is 7.98000

You sure that wasn’t 7.98001?

Price Break Unit Price Extended Price
1 7.98000 7.98
25 5.32080 133.02
100 4.90150 490.15

Pretty sure…but does it really matter?

Sorry Osgeld, I really only have the ATmegas that I want to part with at the moment :|.

I was just laughing at the idea of expressing costs with more precision than the smallest unit of currency in use.

Kind of like gas prices.

Ah indeed :P. I just copied and pasted that’s why haha ;D.

Looks like I got a trade all set up! Thanks for your interest :).

I no longer need to trade more (for now :P).