Looking to work with email

Hi I'm working on a project that now needs to integrate a way to send and parse data from emails using processing based on serial data sent from an Arduino. I've worked with Processing and Arduino handshakes before so that's not an issue but I've never had to work with coding to handle email in processing, so I'm looking for advice on where to start there. Also just to answer a question that may come up in advance, I can't use an Ethernet shield and just send the emails from the Arduino because I have some other SPI hardware running as well, and I haven't been able to get them both to work at the same time. Thank you in advance!

Each SPI device has to set the SPI configuration before each transaction if it is to coexist with other SPI devices.

Just call:

before each time you pull the Slave Select pin low. If the device is supported by a library, the library should be doing that.