Loop back test passed. What else could be wrong?

Hi everybody,

I was making a simple project with a CAN shield and I got the error skt500 no sync. I think the problem was caused by me, I wrote an endless routine (I have realized after all) and I guess the poor arduino UNO shut itself down. I have tried the Loop Back test, everything ok,.

When I get it to restart, still the same problem, if I open serial monitor I see lines printed from the previous code, I guess the program has not been reset yet. Is there any way to do a HW reset of the board? Or the only solution is to throw it in the bin?? Thanks

If your old sketch is flooding the USB output the solution is to:

Press and hold the RESET button on the Arduino UNO. Unplug the USB cable for several seconds. Re-plug the USB cable. Click on the upload button for the new sketch. Wait for the "Binary sketch size:" message. Release the RESET button.