Loopstation foot Midi pedal build. Need Help!

Hi there,

I am in need of some help with this project I am about to endeavor into. I want to build a midi loop station, but I do not possess any coding skills and am unsure as to code what I want. I have found bits and pieces of others codes, but I cannot figure out how to code in the LED lights such that they can change color (red when recording, yellow when overdubbing, and green when playing). I have not yet started to build anything, as I wanted to ensure I get the coding done first before purchasing anything so I can figure out what I exactly need. If someone would be willing to help me build the code and possibly guide me as to the parts I would need and possibly how I should put them together to build the circuit that would be awesome!

Thank you for your assistance.

(This link kind of show what I essentially want to build https://youtu.be/uY3b-IGanp0 and this Link is where I got the basic idea of what to do: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Chewie-Monsta-Ed-Sheeran-Loop-Pedal/) The only difference is that I want to run the program on my iPad, thus I would not need the second screen as shown in the video and DIY instructions.

Also attached is where I have gotten to so far, I currently do not have any LEDs properly coded in.

Loopstation_Arduino_Code.ino (5.45 KB)