loosing posts

just lost a post.

when i hit the post button i got the general forum page, https://forum.arduino.cc/.

this seems to happen frequently. but this is the 1st time i was unable to return to what I was editing.

You're certainly not the only one to have had this type of problem. Have you checked your drafts to see whether the post content can be recovered?:

See also

And there was an open issue on github too.

Don't expect a quick response as we are over two months with many forum issues and zero real feedback or fixes.

it the problem getting worse?
in the past couple days i've lost a couple more posts

are changes being made to the forum software?

There seems to be NO current changes (repairs)

Plans are still in the pipeline to upgrade the forum but actual dates are not currently available.

I only hear the sound of crickets in the backroom whenever I put the topic up. :astonished:

Might I suggest anyone else use the support form for any of the forum issues.

Along with the github link further up or preferably BOTH !