LoRa 433MHz module - what antenna to use?

So, I bought a couple of these for £16 the pair in the recent DX black friday thingy; they arrived today, but sans antennae.

No specs on the website, but some googling suggests this is an SMA connector - does that sound right?

In which case, could I do any better than £3.54 each (inc) for these, as I don't want to wait for China postage again! http://cpc.farnell.com/rf-solutions/flexi-sma-433/antenna-flexi-sma-433mhz/dp/RF00343

Is that even the right antenna?


Ever so quiet round here these days! Anyway, to answer my own question and for anyone else looking for the same, yes, the RF00343 is apparently the right one. I'll double-confirm when they arrive!

I assume that an antenna with sma male connector is needed, but after reading about the Dorji/Lora/Semtech DRF1278DM modules, I’m still not sure what they have used.

When the antenna’s have arrived, you should do a range check, because they might be good or bad or fake.

Hi At 433mhz the magic number is approximately 17cm for the antenna, so you could homebrew then test and once you have the dedicated wips test again.

Essef :8)