LORA coding using arduino

Dear all.

I am looking for development module like nodemcu. which support LORA technology.

The unit should be programmed through Arduino IDE.

My end application has modbus RTU unit and LORA module has to send request for FC1 and get response for same. Can someone suggest me lora module where i can code and check its working

I have tested unit with nodemcu and its working well.

i would prefer some example code also.

First off, LoRa devices can be SPI bus based or UART front end based. So just about everything you can program with the Arduino IDE will 'support LORA technology'

My end application has modbus RTU unit and LORA module has to send request for FC1 and get response for same.

No idea what any of that means, could you explain what the project actually is ?

I have device energy meter which uses modbus RTU with FC03. I have used nodemcu and blynk server to read data from energy meter and transmit on mobile app using blnynk

now i wanted to replace nodemcu with any LORA module.where Lora module send request to energy meter and display the parameter on the same application.

my question over here is is there any lora module which work like nodemcu where program can be written using Arduino IDE and support blynk function.

If you have an Arduino that can interface with the Modubus, then in concept that Arduino could also have a remote LORA link. Most LORA modules will work with Arduinos.

Not a trivial application to write from scratch, a Google search might reveal some working examples.

Can you suggest me model which support above application.Since arduino is easy to code and more support

can suggest me lora module low cost version

There are a number of tutorials to be found on the Internet on how to connect a LoRa device to a NodeMCU.

And there are a number of other ESP32 based boards that come with a LoRa device built in, I cannot recommend one, I have not tried them all.

@AJITnayak, you haven't done a very good job of effectively communicating what you need.

A "LORA module" by itself can't "replace" a nodemcu. I'm guessing that you want a processor board with LORA capability. As mentioned above, there are some ESP32-based boards that support this. Here are some other options: