LoRa gateway node

Hi there! I am trying to customize a gateway node by using Arduino Mega and esp 8266.I am referring to this page>> https://www.hackster.io/pulsartronic/lorawan-gateway-esp8266-rfm95-arduino-4914a8.
But it seems like not working with Arduino board as the esp8266 in the project is a stand-alone board. I think there might be some libraries problem. Anyone is familiar with this can lend me a hand?? Thanks in advance.

I was going to suggest that you ask in the TTN forums about TTN\LoRaWAN Gateways, but they wont give you help for that so called ‘Gateway’.

Devices like that are not TTN\LoRaWAN compliant and cause disruption to other users of the free to use TTN service, so for obvious reasons they dont wish to encourage their use.

Does the article provide instructions on how to set it up as a private Gateway ?

Hi~ not sure what you mean by private gateway? It does show the process of registering as gateway in TTN. It somehow work for standalone esp 8266 board only, not for arduino + esp 8266. So may I know which part of the coding/libraries should I change in order to work in my case?

A private Gaeteway is where you provide the backend servers that connect the Gateway to the Internet for monitoring and forwarding packets to on-line applications.

TTN provide this backend as a free to use service for the community, with limitations, but quite reasonably expect users taking advantage of this service to use TTN\LoRaWAN compliant devices that do not cause disruption to other users who are playing by the rules.

Use a proper TTN\LoRaWAN compliant 8 channel Gateway.

ok, I think it is not a private gateway. But I actually just need it for my project and the security issue is not the focus in my case..

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