I managed to get the right code to send my dht_11 data to KPN network from LoRa (Dragino) node. However, my next step consists on transmit this data to ThingSpeak platform throughout KPN network.


So, basically the target consists in sending this data from LoRa node to KPN network, and then, forward it to ThingSpeak.

So that, I am actually adding into the sketch the chance to send this data to ThingSpeak, nevertheless, no data is showed on ThingSpeak dashboard.

The link below is pointed to my new code. I added the functions and variables I thought were the proper ones to send data to ThingSpeak, however, I didn't manage to send it. May I get some support or correction to achieve it, please?

Sketch link: https://github.com/Tonibco/Dragino-KPN-Project/blob/master/Dragino_KPN.ino

Many thanks