Lora LoraLib with SX1278 ... Bug with Null Character

Long Story short This library for lora

Is awesome

It is the 3rd lora lib I’m tring and it is really feature rich , well coded and well documented compared to the other ones

But I’ve try To add AES Encription on top of it , And found a small bug ( or is it ? )

Sometime AES encription spit back null character as encrypted Data ( ie \0)

This is an issue because as soon as the transmit feature stumble
on it, it assume it is at the end of the data buffer , ( or it behave like so)

To simply demonstrate that, I’m using the Basic TX-RX demo and only doing one modification


  int state = lora.transmit("Hello World!");

Is now this

   char TXbuffer[64] = "012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789" ;     
  //TXbuffer[2]=0;                                                           // uncomment to test 
  int state = lora.transmit(TXbuffer,64);

And as you can see on the Screenshoot,
I’m spying the RF with a SDR , and the burst are proportionaly smaller when introducting the TXbuffer[2]=0;

I’ve been looking into this for 3 days now , and I’v dig as deep as I could into the library , but didnt found anything looking bad

Any suggestions ?

Ho well

Just found that if using Byte instead of Char , the problem disappere

Type conversions issue I guess

Will have to investigate more , But the loralib is probably not the issue here
Going to bed