LORA module is getting disconnected

I am working on a simple test project based on LORA, in which i am tring to test the point to point communication.But in my case the connectivity between the LORA modules just remain connected for only for 4-5 days. After that the connection is getting lost.Even i tried rebooting the controller to setup the connection again but it getting connected again between 1 to 7 times of reboot,sometimes even i have to reboot it after 30min to get it connected. Have anyone faced this issue of lora getting diconnected any time during testing of your project? if yes, then can share idea how you solved it?

I would like You to post the schematics. Please do not use Fritzing.
It is strange that the system runs for 4-5 days but then is hard to reboot. To me it looks like overheating somewhere.

Not a problem I have heard about, so impossible to even speculate as to the issue.

As has been mentioned you need to provide detail of the connection diagram and hardware used for your setup, plus the code you are using too.

Incidently LoRa modules have no concept of a 'connection', you just transmit a packet and it may or may not be received.

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