Lora Module SX1272 with Arduino Mega


Has anyone done any data transfer between two communication module (LORA MODULE SX1272) using arduino mega? ... trying with the code of the library .... do not connect with each other :((

Please give a link to your module data sheet, and a circuit diagram of your project.

SX1272 Datasheet: http://www.semtech.com/images/datasheet/sx1272.pdf


Your circuit diagram is crap. Please learn to connect Serial, I2C and SPI modules properly.

The Lora module uses SPI, don't connect to RX0/TX0.

You have posted a link to the Semtech SX1272 RF IC but your schematic appears to shows a different LoRa device, some form of module that apparently has no power or antenna connections.

Post a link to the actual LoRa module you are using, we cannot even begin to guess.

can you please give the boost converter electrical ,or it's a model you buy , i have been looken for the right circiut to use , thank you

i have been looken for the right circiut to use

This thread is the wrong place to look.

It’s ok I conneted the Lora! Thanks!!

amvlazqz: It's ok I conneted the Lora! Thanks!!

Hello, can you help me with the code and connection? I want to use Lora but I have no idea how to do it, thanks.