LoRa Project

Hello, I'm a newbie to this

I have been developing a device, the electronics are all tested, power supplies regulators, micro controller picked, and design has been fixed.

I am struggling with the software, the base entry level device consists of :-

Transmitter - analogue input (joystick) to ATMega or stm32 later. Output to LoRa transmitter. Receiver - LoRa input to ATMega outputting a fixed frequency pwm - pulse width of a certain duty cycle 50% / 80% & 20% duty cycle as designated by the joystick.

It's like running a remote servo, but this is going in a different direction to that.

I will pay if someone isn't willing to write the code.

Regards, mark

Hi Mark,

Are you also looking for code to control the transmitters / receivers? or simply to talk through them via a standard library?


Should be pretty easy to implement using the RadioHead library.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking...