LoRa RA-02 not working with Arduino Mega

Hello and thank you in advance for the help. I have Arduino Mega and Lora-02 module.

The Module works fine with Arduino UNO, as I tried, but when I wire it to the Arduino Mega it is not able to communicate with the module.

I wired it like this:



I am using SPI.h and LoRa.h Library

What can be the reason? Thank you.

What logic level shifting are you using ?

Hi srnet,

Thank you for the reply.

In both cases I amu using TXB0108 which is a logic level converter meant for just that.

with UNO it works, with MEGA it does not

Hello everyone.

I solved the problem. The txb logic converter also needs the 5v supply. My bad. So please have no fear in combining Mega + LoRa RA-02