LoRa Settings lost after two days


I have a low power setup of rfm95 and atmega328p running off two coincell batteries through (stepped down to 3.3v). So I can get you 10uA sleep current. I am using Sandeep’s Lora libarary. All is well until suddenly all other functions work except the radio. When power cycled all works again.

I am suspecting that somehow the reset pin is being triggered on rfm95. I have added a setup which puts the reset pin as an output with high impedance but still the same problem.

Any idea I a fix or course if inquiry will be very much appreciated!

What does that mean, you cannot directly set the 'impedance' of an output pin ?

And what happens when you leave the reset pin disconnected.

First of all many thanks for your prompt response. I’m afraid I am guilty of believing comments on somebody else code:

/* RFM reset pin is 9
* A manual reset of the RFM69HCW\CW is possible even for applications in which VDD cannot be physically disconnected.
* Pin RESET should be pulled high for a hundred microseconds, and then released. The user should then wait for 5 ms
* before using the module.
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
//reset RFM module
digitalWrite(9, 1);
// set Pin 9 to high impedance
digitalWrite(9, 0);
pinMode(9, INPUT);

So I will disconnect the reset and try. Do you think adding a pull down resistor help?

Your using a RFM95, its different to a RFM69.

The RFM95 can be reset\cleared with the pin, but you dont need to, just leave it alone.

A pull down resistor would hold the RFM95 in reset.

Might be worth studying the datasheet for the RFM95 ?

Sorry I mean a resistor that will hold it in the right state, so a pull up. I have looked at the data sheet but from what I understand, there are no special requirements for the reset pin.

A pull up on reset will do no harm.

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