LoRa suggestion

Does anyone have a suggestion for a solid LoRa module

  1. that comes from a solid supplier, preferably RS
  2. is well documented
  3. is suspected to be available for some time?

I am setting up a new scientific setup and would like to keep the design reproducible as long as possible. 1./2. I can of course research myself, but I am lacking the experience to estimate 3.
The main controller is a Teensy 3.6

Is the XBee form factor usually pin compatible between SPI based modules?

Hope RFM98 etc.

None of us can really give a reasonable answer to 3.

There is an XBee LoRa module so one might assume that the XBee form factor is compatible with the SPI based LoRa device.

the Microchip RN2483 has the advantage that LoRaWAN™ Class A protocol stack is on-board

with the Hope RFM95W family the stack is in the host microcontroller

Not sure if that is an advantage. I don't really want to join a network, I just want the range for short and infrequent packages. Essentially, GPS will provide an atomic-clock accurate heart beat, a LoRA message will allow the nodes to know which heartbeat is zero.
We want to accurately triangulate a bird with calibrated cameras over a larger area, therefore need accurately synchronized frame aquisition.

The RN2483 is a good choice if the application requires that you use LoRaWAN (The Things Network)

But not such good choice if you want to drive the LoRa device direct for a specific application.

There is a LoRaWAN protocol stack for bare ATMega and LoRa module setups, so if you use the basic SPI LoRa modules you have the choice of custom or LoRaWAN.