LoRaWAN Airtime

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Simple Question.
Do I have to mind the Airtime if I just let two LoRA nodes talk to each other in the same Room without a gateway and TTN?



Yes you do, in most places in the World there are duty cycle limits in the unlicensed ISM bands.

Typically 1% in the 868Mhz band and 10% in the 434Mhz band, these are restrictions for RF transmitters in general, LoRa is not a special case.

Although there are LoRa devices that can reliably operate at bandwidths of 20800hz and lower which means in some locations you can run at 100% duty cycle in the 434Mhz band.

LoRa and LoRaWAN are different, you would not use LoRaWAN to get two LoRa devices to talk to each other.

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