Los arduino Bluetooth, ya disponibles

Acabo de recibir el mail de Gianluca Martino de www.smartprojects.it

Dear All,

this email to check with You what is the interest about Arduino Blue Tooth Module. We are going to make a little production and We would like to know who is interested in buy so we can make the right price.

This is the estimation for the selling price depending to the total production: 10 pieces 115 EUR/each production time 2 wks 25 pieces 80 EUR /each production time 2 wks 50 pieces 70 EUR /each production time 4 wks 100 pieces 65 EUR /each production time 4 wks, depending on availability of the BT module

May You send me an email (at smartprojects [at] tiscali [dot] it) if You are interested, so We can decide on Wednesday how to proceed? I'll inform You what's the final decision. I think that the on-line shop will be available for the selling of these modules.


If anyone of You is not interested about receiving email news, send me an email and I'll cancel You from the mailing list.