Lost in ov7670 discussion. (Help!)

I bought an ov7670 with al422b (I regret it), but before doing it, I made some research to find out if somebody already successfully connected it with an arduino. The main topic seems to be this one: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=159557.0 . While it seems that much information is available there, it is not easy to understand what is going on. .. For example, this respository https://github.com/ComputerNerd/ov7670-simple, I cant understand the code and the connections are not there. Maybe I am dumb, but I thought arduino was meant to be simple. From my perpective, the code is intricate and the documentation is poor, however, I couldn't find anything more clear and I still can't use the camera. So, I would like to know if somebody have a clear direction, or can help me to get it working so I can make a clear tutorial for dummies like me! Thanks.