Lost sketchbook

I just started using dropbox today. I sent my sketches to it with success. But for some reason, it moved all of my sketches out of the sketch book in the IDE. Now I retrieved my sketches from drop box but do not know where the sketches go. I put it in libraries and it came up under examples. I tried a few other folders but now success, I did not go any further so as to not ruin any files. any help would be great.

Sounds like the dropbox folder is on the same drive as your arduino folder is/was and they got moved instead of copied. Depending on what OS your using the default arduino sketch folder is normally in your personal folder. If you open the Arduino IDE and do File->Preferences you will see where this folder resides. You can then either copy the files back from dropbox to this location OR set the location in the IDE to point to your dropbox folder.
I personally have the Arduino IDE & projects folder installed in my dropbox so the IDE & sketches match on any PC I use it on. I have the sketch path set to ..\Projects so it picks up the dropbox sketch folder.

Thank you.