Losting data from EEPROM after restarting.

Hello guys we are saving several data into eeprom. But sometimes after restarting we lose the some part of eeprom data. for example our data is an ip let's say and after restarting we are checking the value in eeprom and we see it becomes ? or just "8" or empty. But it happens just for ip value. Because we also save some other integer values in eeprom and they are always same. So what could be the problem ?

There must be a problem with your code.

i have a struct object it is like
struct Info {
char sip[128];
char ssid[48];
char pw[48];
char id[14];
char rfid[6];
boolean isFirstSetup = true;

and i write it with EEPROM put.

and i write it with EEPROM put.

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