Lots of seven segment displays

Hey there community!

I'm currently planning a project where I need to control four lots of two digit seven segment displays.

I have an arduino mega, so any suggestions that require that are welcome.

The project is making a board game, that involves the stock-market. The prices of stocks are are changed by +/- $5 each time a button is pressed.

I'm trying to find the easiest, and least time consuming way to control 4x 2 digit displays (four companies, maximum stock price of $99)

Thanks in advance


Also, my current thoughts are using shift registers, multiplexing and BCD to 7 segment decoder ICs

Hi Kyle, You can use the MAX7219 to control all the 8-digit 7 segment LED display, this will save you time and code to control the LED. It's important to get a common-cathode display because of the way the MAX7219 works.

Interfacing LED displays with the MAX7219 driver

Each MAX7219 can control 8 common cathode digits. 4 pair of dual digits per chip. http://www.taydaelectronics.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=max7219 I haven't had a problem with parts from these guys. Make sure you get 0.1uF, 10uF, and 10K resistor per chip.