LOVE-O-Meter fails

Hello There
I have been experiencing a problem with Project 03, LOVE-O-METER. I have been trying to troubleshoot the problem for 5 days but I am convinced that I have a defective hardware.

I have built the circuit and wrote the code as instructed in the Arduino Projects Book for project 3, pg 43. However my temperature readings are too high, 55-60C degree. I have compared and checked my circuit and the code many times with many youtube videos and with the project book and I did not find any difference.

For the sake of troubleshhoting I eliminated the LEDs section of the code as well as the hardware from the circuit and made the circuit to read only temperature which worked perfectly but once the LEDs are involved and start illuminating, for some reason they introduce extra voltage to the A0 on the circuit which creates additional voltage which leads to high temperature reading. I believe that my brand new Starter kit is defective.

Please let me know if anyone experienced the same problem. Not sure what to do with my brand new kit.

The ADC is ratiometric, i.e. the values depend on the reference voltage, which in your case is the Arduino operating voltage - should be 5V. If the LEDs lower that voltage, the temperature seems to increase.

Did you add the right resistors to the LEDs, and do you power the sensor by 5V?