Low booting speed issue for Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board

Hello, I made a Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board -http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3 , with ATMega8L-8PU,crystal-12MHz,and burned the bootloader and it is working,but i'm facing a problem, when uploading a sketch it is taking too much time for auto resetting and run the new program, this problem is also there when we reset the controller using the reset switch.More than 10 second is taking for the new program to get executed. What will be the problem? please help....

s_premkumar999: ATMega8L-8PU,crystal-12MHz

ATmega8L-8PU... Doesn't that '-8PU' mean an 8 MHz processor? You shouldn't run an 8 MHz processor at 12 MHz.

You also shouldn't run an Arduino at 12 MHz. 8MHz and 16 MHz are the only frequencies for which the libraries work properly.

The 10-second delay is from the old ATmega8 bootloader used on the oldest Arduinos. You will have to find a newer ATmeaga8 bootloader if you want faster response.

Thank you sir. :) I have tried the 8MHz crystal then also it is taking that much delay. I'll try to find out the newer bootloader,can you please help me to find out the suitable bootloader...

You can use the Optiloader sketch to install the Optiboot bootloader, as used on the UNO, into an ATmega8.

Of course you need an Arduino to run the sketch on.

Thank You so much sir........