Low budget PC ambilight


a few days ago I found this as an instruction for an cheap DIY ambilight for pc and started with it as my very first small tech-project. I bought an Arduino Nano from a local hardware seller, and some LED stripes (WS2811) from ebay. Accidently I bought stripes that need 12V as power supply. Is it somehow possible to power these just with the Arduino and its 5V USB-input without any additional power supply, or do I have to buy something else?

A friend of me has suggested to use somethink like this (SIM1-0512 SIL4) - would it work?

Also, I would be happy for any other advice that could help me.

I hope anyone can help me.

Thanks, leolan

The module you link to will be able to power 3-4 individual LEDs (max 83 mA). The idea is correct, though: you could use a 5V to 12V step-up module.

As you have "some LED strips" you'll probably need a lot more power for them. You may be able to find a strong enough step-up module, but most likely the end result is that you're blowing up your 5V USB supply instead (they typically can supply 2-3A at 5V or 10-15W of power, so that would give you at most 1A at 12V using such a step-up module, with nothing to spare for your Arduino).

The proper solution is to get yourself a 12V power supply that can supply at the very least your strips need, preferably a bit more so you don't push the power supply to the limit all the time.

No, but you don't have to buy anything else. If you have AA or AAA Batteries you can use those, although you would need 8, which is sort of excessive. You may be able to use a 9 volt battery and 3 AA's although it would look weird haha

You can only run a total of 200mA through the Arduino board and should limit pin current to 20mA max. That's not enough to power much of a led strip.

12V power supplies cost more by the Amps they supply. Be sure to look for switching power supplies, not heavy inefficient linear supplies.

If you need the Arduino to control 12V, the easiest way is to use a TTL level FET capable of passing more than the current you need but check that the strip needs 12V power and signal or if it's 12V power and 5V signal. The signal should be low current, the power more you connect directly to the strip.

The leds in that article should be enough to light a small room.