Low cost Arduino Mega?

So what is the wholesale price of a Arduino Mega anyway?


To add insult to injury, they won’t ship to Italy ::slight_smile:


they won’t ship to Italy

Or will they?

Ships to: Worldwide

I’m so :-?

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The seller is in Hong Kong but won’t ship to Hong Kong? Now I’m even more :-?

That they dont ship to italy is, afaik, some insurance thing.
You see that often enough if you have Intl Flatrate shipping costs that Italy is excluded as well as parts of china…

Just in case it wasn’t clear. It’s a copycat made from the publicly available Arduino Mega referrence files, not a genuine board that they bought wholesale.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with doing it that way since it is open source, except that they shouldn’t be using the Arduino name.

well… might add i bought such a replica of NuElectronics Keypad shield at such an dealer. Could be that it was a single incident but the part i got was totally useless as three buttons returned the same value and hence were not distinguishable. After several E-Mails going back and forth i was told i was doing something wrong and nothing could be done about that.
Therefore i wouldnt buy imitates anymore, especially not so ‘high’ priced ones… but on the other hand… it is not so high priced…

Returns: No Returns Accepted

…tells me everything I need to know about the quality.

Is this legal to do. You can’t just take the Arduino plans and make it and sell it complete with Arduino on it, without having an agreement with the creators which has some conditions attached to it.

Is this board an authorised copy or is it someone just ripping it off and selling it like its official.

You are welcome to take the complete Arduino plans and make and sell it. What you can’t do is use the name Arduino on it which this person has done.

It is not an authorized copy, it’s someone ripping it off.

I know there’s many other guys selling the similar board,same looking as Arduino, same name on it but removed the ‘Made in italy’ and the map on silk.Is there a way to aviod them from doing this?

In the United States they can be sued for violating the Arduino trademark. It’s up to the trademark owner, ARDUINO, LLC of MASSACHUSETTS, to make the effort.

The rest of us can refuse to business with them.

Some of these boards are selling on Ebay so i guess Arduino Team should be able to let Ebay knows and stop them from selling those products.

It is ok to make your own version of the Arduino as long as you don’t have Arduino on it. Its also ok to make copies of the original Arduino, again as long as you take all the Arduino branding off it.

You can’t just make it and take the made in Italy off and leave the Arduino name on it, unless you have an agreement with the original designers. Some of those guys who sell the boards without the “Made in Italy” on it may have an agreement with the Arduino team.

Thats my understanding of it from reading the site and licencing documents and from communications that I have had with one of the team members.

If this guy is officially making the Arduino in his country then this should be listed on the Arduino buy section on the Arduino homepage.

If not then its likely not legit :frowning: and I don’t know how they can enforce these rules.

Remember Arduino is open source hardware, but the brand Arduino isn’t open source.

Hm, i took the freedom of reporting those 'Arduino’s to the Ebay team… guess that wont be much of an success, but maybe…