Low cost wireless energy meter CT

Somebody got Mieo HA102 or test this unit? Compatible with domoticz? LINK

Look promising and have 433mhz transmitter.

|500x291 |489x500

Specification: 1) Accuracy: ≤5% 2) Measuring current: 100mA-70A Measuring range: 10W~17.5KW 3) Voltage setting: 100~250v AC 4) Transmitter sample rate: 2s, 8s, 64s 5) Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz 6) Carbon ration: 0.5kg CO2/KWH 7) Power supply: 3pcs AA for receiver(battery not include); 3pcs AA for transmitter (battery not include) 8) Wireless transmitting range:30m-70m insight. 9) Operating Temperature: -10oC~ 60 oC Storage Temperature: -20 oC ~75 oC

Tu-SPAM, are I just too suspicious?


weedpharma: Tu-SPAM, are I just too suspicious?



A user name including the word "spam" that only has one post with a link, just looks suspicious to my mind.

If just me, then welcome to the forum.