Low current wireless communication, IR?

Hello all!

I'm looking for a low current(preferably 3v or less) one way communication from one arduino to another.

I was thinking IR might be a good solution, as the distance is short. But i can't seem to find a simple tutorial on how to send something with IR. I can only find stuff about receiving from IR remotes, which i have tried and succeeded with.

Any suggestions?

How short a distance? What bandwidth is needed?

Integrated IR receivers, like the PNA4602M, have circuitry inside that only detects a narrow frequency band around e.g. 38Khz +/-1Khz.
So if you want to use this type of receiver, you have to modulate the data you want to send on a 38Khz carrier.
Detection is slow. Try low baud rates.
Driving the IR LED (transmitter) is the same as a normal LED.
IR LEDs have a lower forward voltage (1.2v), so you could put two in series for extended range or wider angle.
IR LEDs don’t mind a bit more current than normal LEDs.

Did you see this.