low ESR capacitor

Hi all,

I am designing a small PCB shield with a LSM303AGR see datasheet:
In the application hints on page 35 they suggest to use a 220nF low ESR (<220mOhm) capacitor. I have been searching Farnell, digikey, etc. But I could not find a proper one.
Can anyone give me some suggestion?
Is it better to use an electrolytic capacitor?

Thanks in advance!

They mean use a MLCC (ceramic) cap, not an electrolytic. This is a standard high-speed decoupling capacitor
as required with every logic chip.

Thank you for your quick reply! So basically any 0603 220nF cap should do. I find the datasheet quite unclear since they specify 220mOhms max but at what frequency? Ceramic caps often have a higher esr than I was able to find so far...

SMT MLCC caps should be pretty low resistance as the foil layers are very short and all in parallel. The inductance is more important normally anyway. This cap is actually some sort of charge pump I think looking at the datasheet
again, so I'd go with larger than 0603 as it will handle high ripple current. It might be worth going for
lower loss ceramic material in that situation to reduce self-heating.

I guess something like this will suffice?