Low power arduino mini 03 consume too much, 320uA

I have an old arduino mini 03, I want to use in low power: it is powered with 5V, has connected a Mosfet (IRLZ44) on pin 9 and a LED on pin 10. No power led. With the low-pover SnnozeLib library when in sleep mode consumes 320 uA. In normal operation, 23mA. I have not removed the voltage regulator, but I think in passive mode consumption is very small.
I do not understand why it is so large consumption: can be by the LED and the Mosfet?

Probably the regulator's quiescent current.

Also, did you remember to turn the ADC off? I don't know how to do it with that library, but via register manipulation, it's:

//turn it off


//turn it back on so you can use the ADC


See chapter 24.9 of the '328p datasheet.

Thanks. The regulator is "LP2985AUM5-5.0", but I can not find its datasheet, it seems a name that only uses Arduino. What quiescent current has?

I think it's probably a LP2985A 5.0v version. Datasheet for other LP2985A chips from TI implies 100uA of current with no load if not put into shutdown - Not the best datasheet I've read, but far from the worst

Anyway, my guess would be 100uA based on that from the regulator. As I said above (and as basically every other person who talks about modding a mini/pro mini for low power use has said), you gotta remove the regulator if you want the low power usage.