Low Power + Bluetooth Low Energy : How to do with Curie?


I just see that on datasheet for BLE functionnalities.

·Bluetooth® low energy can receive or transmit messages while its in sleep state, waking the SoC when done and can also interrupt the core via GPIO_AON[5].

To do this, i create a sketch with interrupt ISR_BLE on AON[5].
But nothing is happening apart from the LED on port 6.

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks !

BLE_ISR_TEST_LP.ino (4.88 KB)

No idea ?

I try to get answer on Power.c file :

{ .irq = IRQ_ALWAYS_ON_GPIO, .status = 1 }, /* BLE_WAKEUP */

I don’t why it’s not possible to wakeup Core with BLE.

Cause of BLE firmware ?

Power.cpp (13 KB)